Day: February 16, 2021


Counselor’s Corner: OFAC Guidance on Ransomware Payments

The Evolution of Ransomware
Ransomware has existed for many years now. One of the first instances of encryption malware can be traced to the PC Cyborg virus in 1989 . And the ransom payment for the decryption process began in 2005 and continued in several different strains. But, in 2011, cryptocurrencies began to emerge which allowed for global payments outside of the traditional banking processes. The rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies led to a rise in the ransomware attacks because the payment of the ransom could be conducted with relative ease and anonymity.


Washington Update: COVID-19 Turns One: Lessons Learned from a Global Health Crisis

As impossible as it is to believe, we have been living in a global pandemic for an entire year. What began as a headline from a distant corner of the world quickly became a worldwide health crisis that continues to wreak havoc on our way of life and has, unfortunately, claimed the lives of too many of our fellow citizens.


President’s Message: Financial Education is Key

Nebraska bankers all too often have a front-row seat when it comes to witnessing the financial understanding, or lack thereof, of their fellow Nebraskans and customers. We know that poor financial decision making can lead to extreme personal and professional hardships. Acquiring a solid understanding of financial concepts is an important skill set that is learned starting at an early age, both at home and through our education systems. While Nebraska has made strides in recent years to improve the financial education efforts within our school systems, more needs to be done!