Day: October 6, 2020


Personal Finance for the Pandemic Era: Why Bankers Should Deliver Fin Ed Lessons Today

The pandemic has forced many lessons on us, not the least of which is the importance of being prepared. I don’t mean being-well-stocked-on-toilet-paper prepared. I mean having the ability and resources to survive an uncertain and even perilous period. For businesses that clearly requires having a well-crafted and tested business continuity plan. For households, the most important preparedness tool may be a well-funded savings account.


Modernizing NBA Philanthropic Efforts

NBA Friends:
For several decades, the NBA has directed philanthropic dollars from two different programs, the Nebraska Bankers Educational Foundation (NBEF) and the University of Nebraska NBA Fund through the NBA’s University Foundation Allocation Committee (UFAC), to support higher education in Nebraska. These investments have been made with a focus on students, programs and facilities which directly support the banking industry.