Pub 15 2020-2021 Issue 1


Coronavirus Strikes. America’s Banks Step Up.

The world is grateful for all who have served on the front lines battling the COVID-19 crisis — the doctors and nurses who have put their lives at risk to care for the sick and dying as well as those who have kept our grocery stores and pharmacies stocked. These essential service providers are the pandemic’s heroes, putting the needs of others ahead of their own.


President’s Message: A Testament of Commitment

The rise and spread of the coronavirus has undoubtedly brought significant, unplanned hardships and continued change to the Nebraska banking industry. Every aspect of our personal and professional lives has been directly impacted in one way or another. During this challenging time, we have also witnessed our industry step forward and practice what is engrained in our banking DNA: working tirelessly with our customers to help protect and build wealth and support our communities.

Virtual-IT-Audit Not a Novel Idea

Virtual IT Audit – Not a Novel Idea

Security and IT professionals across the world have invested a large amount of time and effort transitioning to a remote workforce. At the start of this transition, much of the time was spent on getting the technology up and running, securing remote access, and finding a way to conduct business as normal (or as close to normal as possible).


Distressed Lending Beyond the Bank Loan Portfolio

Bankers undoubtedly spent the better part of March to May 2020 dealing with stressed, scared and frustrated clients while trying to play mind reader with the SBA. Covid-19 is sure to stress the bank’s loan portfolio as businesses face varying impacts of the health crisis. Larger regional banks likely have a special assets group with bankers trained to deal with these special situations.